Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka??

With a new year comes new adventures, especially at the Rabbit House! Since her arrival at the café, Kokoa Hoto has become accustomed to her new life as a waitress even though the Rabbit House isn’t the rabbit paradise she initially envisioned it to be. Life is pleasant, and she enjoys spending time both working and playing with her friends and fellow waitresses Chino Kafuu, a cute middle school student with a fuzzy bunny companion named Tippy, and Rize Tedeza, the pig-tailed daughter of a soldier who is readily armed for any scenario.


“no poi! (ノーポイッ!)” by Petit Rabbit’s  || Download ||

“Tokimeki Poporon♪ (ときめきポポロン♪)” by Chimame-tai  || Download ||

Character Song:
Character Song Series 01   || Download ||
Character Song Series 02   || Download ||
Character Song Series 03   || Download ||
Character Song Series 04   || Download ||
Character Song Series 05   || Download ||
Character Song Series 06   || Download ||

Bonus CD:
Vol.1    || Download ||
Vol.2    || Download ||
Vol.3    || Download ||
Vol.4    || Download ||
Vol.5    || Download ||
Vol.6    || Download ||


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